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Go and Tell It!

By Diane M. Lockett

My friend was sick, in pain that day. I knew not what to say.

I didn't think that she'd believe the pain could go away.

I knew of herbs that may have helped her body to get well.

They helped so many others, but I never stopped to tell.

She could have stopped some habits that did her family harm.

They should have eaten wholesome foods bought from a local farm.

She could have drank more water to bathe her body through.

But I never stopped to tell her all the things that she could do.

She bought a lot of packaged foods containing MSG.

She did not know about the harm that's caused by BST.

She could have eaten vegetables and made a fresh, green drink.

And then eliminate the bleach she used to clean her sink.

She should have purged her kitchen of white sugar, salt and flour.

Because I did not tell her, she was dying by the hour.

The lotions and the creams she used, massaged onto her skin...

I wish I would have told her 'bout the damage she rubbed in.

And then there were the chemicals she used throughout her home.

She should have switched to naturals and left the rest alone.

She died for lack of knowledge I knew but did not share.

I wish I would have told her 'cause she could have still been here.

It's too late now to help her, but it's not too late for others.

I must go forth and spread the news to all my sisters and brothers.

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